5CC x 20G x 1" EasyTouch FlipLock Safety Syringes

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5CC x 20G x 1

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5CC x 20G x 1

EasyTouch® FlipLock™
Safety Syringes 50 count


EasyTouch® FlipLock Safety Syringes offer an easy and simple solution in caregiver protection. After injection, just flip the protective shield over the needle until it clicks and locks in place. Hands and fingers stay away from the exposed needle.Simple, smart and cost-effective.

EasyTouch Retractable Safety Syringe
Instructions FlipLock 1



Pull the plunger back to load the syringe.

Instructions FlipLock 2



Push the plunger in one smooth motion to administer medication.

Instructions FlipLock 3



Flip the protective shield over the used needle until it clicks into place. Discard according to local regulations.