Pfizer - Hospira 30ML Bacteriostatic Water


Bacteriostatic Water for injection - nonpyrogenic Sterile water containing 0.9% (9 mg/mL) of benzyl alcohol added as a bacteriostatic preservative.

Pfizer / Hospira Bacteriostatic Water is packed in a 30 ml multi-dose plastic vials . (single 30ml Vial)

What is Bacteriostatic Sterile Water? 

The term "Bacteriostatic" refers to a preservative called (benzyl alcohol) that is added to products to prolong there shelf life.

What is the difference between Bacteriostatic water vs sterile water?
Bacteriostatic Sterile water has an extra preservative agent added into the water called benzyl alcohol (BnOH). Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid that has low toxicity, and low vapor pressure. Sterile Water is a single-dose sterile water that does not contain any bacteriostatic, antimicrobial agents, and added buffers.

How long does Bacteriostatic water last after it has been opened? 
Hospira recommends that once a vial of Bacteriostatic Sterile water is open the preservatives will prolong its life for up to 28 days. After 28 days the vial needs to be discarded. 
Other USP Sterile waters without the bacteriostatic agent (single-dose vials) should be discarded after a single use.

What does Bacteriostatic mean? 
Bacteriostatic is a preservative called Benzyl Alcohol (sterilized) that is added to sterile water to that preserves the solution for up to 28 days.

Always speak to your doctor before using Bacteriostatic Water or any products on adults and small children.
Not for use in newborns and not to be used for inhalation.